The Price

Second Edition

Published initially in 2008, it raised many questions concerning the death of my aunt and Included my visit to New Zealand to talk about a forgotten part of NZ history. I met family belonging to William Price, stood in the courtroom in Napier, NZ where he was sentenced to be hanged, searched for her missing skull and endeavoured to answer the many mysteries surrounding her life and death.

Demands for a new book have come in many forms from readers who sense that the story is not complete, as she reaches beyond 1935, and into our present lives.

We relate to her in many ways. A part of her journey is our journey. So I am in the process of having her story republished in a book which has perfected her journey and hopefully it provides you with more answers than questions. It will be available for both visual promotion and for readers in just six weeks time.

I do listen to you my readers and thank all of you for urging me to complete this second edition. It has been a work of love on my part as I recall the many special people who helped me to complete this second journey.

You have been my inspiration from start to finish. Thankyou. Janice. January 2017

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Grandad's Letters

These letters are for all of us. If we care to read them and think about them, we will grow from the experience as they offer unique insights from George Madden's perspective on life and the universe.

They are stepping stones of thought, passed down to us, in order to share the knowledge gained and experience felt, and just as the book passes into our hands so do the thoughts to be carried forwards. As George shares his insights, we too will find our own interpretation of life and all that this means.


Grandad's Letters, what can I say? I have read them several times and they are inspirational, as was the man. The book is stunning. Perfect in every way.

It's fascinating to follow the thoughts of Grandad as one reads steadily through the book. At first he is writing to wee children (e.g. Asking Rachel to explain 'this and that' to Becca) but the philosophy and urge to make vital points grows as time progresses. Finally, the deepest meanings, love for his family (and children), and depth of underlying thinking are so evident in the last few pages. He remains open, still in love with life and nature, but you can hear the background "hurt" that he is not going to see them take their early steps as adults. A powerful book, and one you must be very proud of. I wish there were a few more Grandads in this world.

Reading Grandad's Letters has made me realise how our role as grandparents is so special to our grandchildren. All children need a grandparent. For the families that don't have them, may they read this book and experience the feeling and understanding of a grandparent. Let this wonderful man George Madden be part of their lives. A book I can pick up anytime of the day. I open it at any letter and it fills my heart. Love it! Love it! Love it!

The Letters are earthy like an Attenborough Christmas. There's a man who lived a life!

Read the first letter - reading it very slowly as I found Grandad is full of wisdom, knowledge and love. I want to understand his each word. Second Language Learner - China

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The Red Carpet

Love - a way of being

In this, her seventh book, Janice Madden shares with us, her readers, stories which are rich with the vivid and concrete details of her memories of particular places, people, animals and experiences. And there is no denying the stories are told with a touch of laughter and a sense of gentle irony, by someone who delights in words.

Yet through the particular focus of each story, it is possible to discern the theme that unites them all. What is "The Red Carpet"?

Janice's stories tease into life for us the threads of her own life experiences and help us to understand the mysterious power of love to link human beings across generations, continents and cultures.

Dr Margaret Secombe

The Red Carpet is a magical journey you've formed. Let us hope it inspires everyone just like it has me! I've been turned into pure fairy dust. I smashed out of my cage / prison and now I have turned into a butterfly.

Joy Spence
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Everyone has a story to tell

Everyone has a story to tell, as Dr Johnson intimated, and everyone has a story worth telling. This is precisely what Janice Madden has done, in her gathering together of personal accounts of the devastated lives of the refugees of our times.

They are powerful, moving, humbling tales, from diverse cultures, but unified by a shared experience of persecution, a desire to preserve identity and language, and a sense of the indomitable power of love.

The stories are an awe-inspiring testimonial to the fortitude of the human spirit in the face of inhumanity. They are private, yet universal, for they represent the personal histories of countless others. And they are rarely heard.

As Michael says, in The Road: "My story has never been told. No one asked me to tell it."

Thanks to Janice Madden, that has changed now.

Professor David Crystal, Jan 2010

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The Price

Take a journey into the world of Eva Madden. A woman before her time.

From the poverty of a working class town, to the servant quarters of a stately hall, to the ship's decks of a transatlantic voyage.

Step ashore with her into the finest chapters of her life. Experience the journey of the bravest of women, through her eyes, through her soul, leaving behind those she loved, in search of answers to life's greatest questions.

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Reared in Chester Zoo

A book of the world famous Chester Zoo and the family who founded it

Reared in Chester Zoo traces the story of the development of the Chester Zoo through the life of June Mottershead, younger daughter of George Mottershead, who conceived and founded the Zoo in 1931.

Through June's eyes and thoughts we understand how what most people at the time considered a crazy and intrusive idea, became a reality. George Mottershead's vision of a zoo without bars was conceived in the depths of the Great Depression, and had to endure the tumult of World War II as it struggled into existence.

The influence of the Mottershead family, and the Zoo they created, is profound, and has not only pioneered the concept of Zoos without bars, but also the captive breeding of threatened species.

So if you want to read a positive story of a Zoo, this book is a great read.


Just a girl from Crewe

Telling the stories of her childhood in the streets of Crewe and fields of Cheshire, Janice Madden continues her life journey living in North Wales and Cornwall.

These stories reveal the author's creative mind and tell of the rich events of her early years and beyond, which were to influence her later writing. In other books, including 'Reared in Chester Zoo', this universal writer was inspired by those influences and imbued her writing with imaginative thought.

Janice invites you to enjoy this human journey.

What others are saying

I have just received your book and I thought, How did you think of all of those word combinations! I thought I would read the preface and then get moving, read a bit more later on.

It is now three hours later, teas gone cold and I've not even washed up yet, I can't put it down ! ! !

The stories are so fascinating and caring. I think this book has to be a winner!!! Congratulations Marion

Marian (UK), buyer/reader
Your latest Book, arrived a couple of days ago. A good eye catching cover to support the title. I have had a quick skim through it and read the preface and a few of the shorter stories, the others all in due course. In fact I found the preface to be a story in itself and a good one at that.

The Red Carpet reminds me in a general sort of way of the Summing Up by Somerset Maugham.

I wish you every success with this latest book which readers of your previous works will no doubt be able to relate to quite easily.

Sandy (UK), buyer/reader

Dear Janice, your book arrived on Saturday. I thought I would dip into it, but couldn't stop once I'd started and then until I had finished. Superb!!! One of the best, congratulations!
Rita (WALES), buyer
Today your wonderful book arrived. It looks great and was exciting to open it. I like the layout and the poems and the stories were a fantastic read. Thankyou...
Susan (AUS), buyer/reader

Jan, your book is beautiful in every conceivable way.

I wept as I re-read The Paper Cranes and love the stories of Wales and your first house.

I was transported there as always when I read your work. Tasmania is fabulous. Keep writing

Carol, buyer/reader
As always you bring the vivid imagery into my mind as I read your book. The Red Carpet is a triumph of visualisation and humanity.

Thank you for my signed copy. I didn't realise when buying a copy from the website that this would be signed by the author!

Richard (USA), buyer/reader

Books - are a doorway to another world

People often tell me when they start reading one of my books they simply cannot put it down. This in itself is enough reason for me to keep on writing as long as I possibly can.